Nutrition Facts Label

When FDA proposed their new Nutrition Facts Label, I was surprised by the lack of "design" since it was first introduced 20 years ago. After researching I found most people don't bother looking at the label because of three reasons: (1) the complexity of information, (2) the absence of quick and pleasing design aesthetics, and (3) the deterrence from redundant information from the front of products.

I addressed the issues in the following ways: (1) Break down all the required information into easily edible chunks of black and white sections. Additional implementation of various recommendations from CSPI for further clarifications. (2) Introduce my concept of the "cell", which not only informs but also guides in a pleasing visual manner. The proposed new FDA design doesn't seem to take into consideration the visual needs of the new generation. The new generation expects to receive not only information, but high quality versions of that information, which I refer to as pictorial information. This leads to another trait of the new generation to address the third issue. (3) Unorthodoxly, I propose to remove any nutrition information from other parts of the container. This will create the need to actually look at the nutritional facts as a whole. With the short attention span of the new generation, the quick and minimal "distractions" might be a deterrent to viewing the nutritional facts as a whole, especially the Ingredient Facts.

For my case study I have used Cheerios since this was my favorite childhood cereal. All respected rights reserved to General Mills.