MSI Studios

Hello my name is Shakil and I am an Information Architect, UX Designer, Project Manager, Art and Design Enthusiast. Based in New York I love what I do and have done so for the last 8 years working for agencies and various projects in London, California, Florida, and New York. When not plugging along on new design projects or chasing around two year old mini-me, Zaid, I can be found hiking in the wild or traveling with the family around the world.

Prior to my current ux designer role, I started my career as a traditional graphic designer and have enjoyed transitioning my passion of typography, composition and design fundamentals into interactive and emotional online experiences. I also enjoy working with non-profits and educational organizations that further the betterment of the community and our society.

Design Philosophy

  • I believe stunning design and aesthetics, controlled and matched towards a brand, product or campaign will add value and create a better experience.
  • I believe that simplicity is key and that the attention to the smallest details will set the design and the people involved apart.
  • I believe in design that pushes for interactivity, new techniques and that dares to execute familiar scopes in new ways.
  • I believe great design comes from passion and a true desire of wanting to try new things and not basing familiar work on something safe. I believe the experience of a projects success is best shared with a team of skillful and unique individuals.